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South Paw Acres offers our furry friends over an acre of fenced in, natural yards - with trees, grass, and even a pond to swim in! We limit our numbers to 8-10 dogs on site, so everyone has room to run.

Daycare starts at 8am until lunch & nap-time at 12pm. Your furbaby then naps in a comfy 5'x5' pen with bed provided. Playtime resumes at 2pm until you come pick them up by 6pm.

What an amazing way to spend the day!

$40 per day • $37/2nd dog

Pre-Paid Day Care Multi-Packs

#1: 5 Visits … $190.00 ($38.00/visit)
#2: 10 Visits … $360.00 ($36.00/visit)
#3: 15 Visits … $510.00 ($34.00/visit)
#4: 30 Visits … $900.00 ($30.00/visit)

Packages are good any week day within six months of purchase date.
One package can be used for multiple dogs.


Whether it’s their first Boarding experience, or they’re seasoned regulars, their wellbeing is central to everything we do.

Boarders join the Daycare dogs during the day to enjoy playtime. At night, Boss Faye (who lives on site) lets boarders back out around 9pm - 11pm for a late potty break and gives each and every boarder plenty of love and attention - we never charge extra for snuggles, it’s included.

$50 per night • $47/2nd dog

Food provided by SPA, as needed … $1.50/meal

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After a long day of playing in the mud, you may want your furbaby to get a good cleaning. We rinse dogs for free, but we also provide baths and nail trims! When giving baths or nail trims, we take extra care in making the experience as stress-free as possible and always treat them with kindness and patience.

Full Bath

Bathing includes shampoo, cream rinse and towel drying.

Fees are based on the dog’s weight:

30 lbs. & under … $35
30 – 60 lbs … $40
60 lbs. & over … $45

Nail Trim or Grind


Black Water


All dogs must go through pre-screening before being admitted for South Paw Acres Services. Please see our Registration page!