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Pet Services

If you are in need of pet sitting, dog walking, or dog training, take a gander at the services our former employees offer through other businesses.

Blue Skies

Zoe's Pet Sitting

Zoe Profile.jpeg

Click Here for Zoe's Rover Site

Hi, I'm Zoe! I'm a Mizzou undergrad student looking to make some extra money. I've been working professionally with animals since I was 17, and have lived with big and small dogs my entire life. 


I worked at the animal shelter in my hometown taking care of and adopting out dogs and cats of all ages. I fostered puppies that could barely walk, distributed various types of medicine to sick animals, and walked dogs (or got walked by dogs!) daily. 

I now work at SPA where we play with the dogs and keep them as close to their normal at-home schedule as possible.


Similar to many pet owners, I prefer the company of an animal over a human ANY day! I love fur babies with all of my heart and can guarantee amazing care for your four-legged children!

Dogwarts, a School for Dogs

SPA website Dogwarts profile.png

Click Here for the Dogwarts Website

Dog training: private lessons and group classes.

Pet Sitting, Walking, and Field Trips.

Have a pupper that's driving you mad? Maybe you feel like you should do more activities with your bored buddy? Dogwarts has many interesting classes for you both to try! Group classes are held at South Paw Acres.

Lauren's Pet Sitting

Lauren and Lola_edited_edited.jpg

Click Here for Lauren's Rover Site

Or contact her here: 623-734-2287


When Lauren is not working at SPA, she does pet sitting, including dog walks, and house visits. Feel free to reach out to her if you have any pet sitting needs that SPA may not be able to accommodate!

Kyndall's Pet Sitting

Kyndall 1.heic

Contact her here: 816-223-8189

Hi I'm Kyndall! I'm an undergraduate student at Mizzou studying Architecture and Interior Design. I have been working professionally with many different types of animals since I was 16. 

I currently work at SPA and also provide at home care for your pets such as pet sitting, dog walks, and house visits. I always strive to keep them close to their normal schedule at home. Feel free to reach out if you have any pet sitting needs that SPA may not be able to accommodate! 

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